By the time you read this, our local churches will have elected our Churchwardens and Church Councils for the coming year. We as churches thrive as a direct result of the many volunteers who rarely want praise or even to be noticed, but always do their best to support what is important to them and many others within our communities. Thank you everyone for what you do to enhance the work of St. Mary’s, All Saints’ and St. Catherine’s Churches.

Experience tells me the backstory to why people do what they do is often inspiring. Let me tell you about Nic and Clare; Nic is an insurance broker and keen golfer who married the most delightful and incredibly organised woman you could ever meet. Normal people with a son named Ben in his last year at University, but behind their normal life is an inspiring story. Every year they seek to raise thousands of pounds to help women and babies at risk in pregnancy. In fact, over the past twenty years they have helped to raise over £500,000 to fund, support and research this critical area. Follow their story: in 1998 Nic and Clare became the proud parents of Lauren born prematurely after just twenty-four weeks. I had the privilege of baptising little Lauren in Kings College Hospital soon after and she survived against all the odds for nineteen weeks before she tragically lost her life. This beyond tragic loss inspired Nic and Clare to give a huge part of their lives to raising money and helping others (The Lauren Page Trust). The volunteers story is often inspired and inspiring. Many of us have a story to tell, a cause that means everything to us, like the Snowdrop Walk in Standon on 15th April that raised funds for Child Bereavement UK. Such occasions mean so much more than the event itself.

Perhaps we can join together to thank God for every person inspired to volunteer, to give up their time to make someone else’s life better, of faith or no faith, young and older, who deserve to be noticed. We say thank you for what you do. What inspires you? When I became a Christian thirty-four years ago, God stirred in me a love for other people. I would like to tell you it had always been there, but it hadn’t. But things changed when Jesus became the centre of my life and I wanted to love God and others as never before. Ephesians 2 v 10 says; ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ Be encouraged.

Alan Comfort, Rector