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A physical thirst never leaves us but are we ignoring our spiritual thirst? John Ch 4 tells us Jesus is the only one who can satisfy this thirst deep within us, do you agree? Why not explore this vital question….

Notices 19th March 2017

Even Nicodemus must be born again.

We know who we are; how we tick; what are our strengths and weaknesses. Jesus challenges us to look again, to see not what we think we know about ourselves but what he can see. Then, he calls us to give up on what we think we can do, and to join in what God has planned for our lives.

Notices 12th March 2017

Abstaining or building?

Abstaining or building? Is lent about giving things up or God building a deeper trust in us? Our different church backgrounds mean we may start in different places as we answer this question but why not explore your answer by listening to this talk.

Notices 5th March 2017